I just got a Droid and I can update my blog from my phone! Oh technology. You thrill me.


I had never watched In Plain Sight before last night, and there’s only one reason I’m watching it now (maybe you can spot that reason in the clip below), but I actually really liked it.  And, luckily for me, I’m now on cable (was on Dish – DONT DO IT!  I’ve always hated satellite) and can catch up on what I was missing via On Demand.

Of course I was familiar with Mary McCormack before last night, she was on The West Wing for a short stint, but I’d never thought of her as hot before.  She’s a total bitch on In Plain Sight!  And I like it!

This is from next week’s episode, but contains the same guest star that had me tuning in this week:

Well hello, Allison Janney.  My TV has missed you!

Also, I know that probably everyone has already seen this, but seriously, LESS THAN ONE WEEK!  The excitement is too much!

I love The Rachel Maddow show.  I try to watch it every night, and if I miss it, I always catch up the next day via clips on YouTube.  She’s obviously extremely intelligent, but has a knack for making all the political talk easy to follow without talking down.  I also like how willing she is to have guests on the show that she openly disagrees with and let them speak their side and respond freely to the well-thought out questions she puts forth.  Last night, she did one of my favorite segment to date, called ‘A Clarifying Moment’, which looks at how clear the choice between the Democratic and Republican parties is right now.

And for those of you who don’t care for politics, this has been around for a while, but I still think it’s brilliant.  Enjoy.

It was a fantastic weekend!  Went to Margaritas with friends on Friday, scored an adorable sweater on sale at Ganesh in Portsmouth on Saturday, and headed down to Boston on Sunday to welcome my lovely cousin back from her cruise around the Caribbean.  I hope everyone had the chance to get out and soak up some sun this weekend!

But now it’s Monday, it’s cold and it’s rainy…so I thought I’d post some things that never fail to make me laugh, because if I’m truly feeling a need for a laugh, it’s usually due to one of the three aforementioned factors.

First off, a clip from Charlie Bartlett.  It’s quite a good little movie from start to finish, but this scene is the one that had me actually laughing out loud.

Next, the video for Heaven by Brandi Carlile.  Love her, love her music, and this video just makes me smile.  I think it’s exactly what would happen if music videos and real life ever collided:

And last, I’ve never even been on Chat Roulette, but this guy makes me want to live there!

Here is the aforementioned “Is This Awesome” episode. These girls are completely crazy, and I like it! They’ve got 4 episodes out so far and this one is my favorite for two reasons: First, the scene where they are watching the movie totes reminds me of watching movies over at my friend Frizz’s old apartment – exact same kinda commentary! Second, all the stuff they say about Twilight? Pretty much true.

Also, not an “Is This Awesome” episode, but still, it’s Cat.  And Mary Louise Parker.  Who doesn’t want MLP to help them pick up chicks???

This post was going to be about a new web series over on Funny or Die called “Is This Awesome?”  And how totally awesome I think it is, but plans have changed my friends!

I joined Twitter over the past summer for one reason:  Allison Janney.  I adore Allison Janney.  In my head, we are married total besties.  So you can imagine the crushing disappointment I felt when the AJ that I was following on Twitter turned out to be a fake.  There was lip quivering, moping around, and lots of black clothing.

Well, thanks to her fellow West Wing alum, Josh Malina, the REAL AJ has finally joined the Twitter craze!  He even posted visual proof:

Who's better than @allisonbjanney? on Twitpic

In celebration, here’s more AJ:

Allison at the Emmys (She has 4)

Oh to be a bear...

As CJ Cregg:

Favorite Ellen visit:

…I hope this movie is a little more 40 Year Old Virgin/Baby Mama, a little less Get Smart/Evan Almighty.

I’m torn.  Should I be feeling shocked that Texas is being allowed to rewrite history as they (or at least the 10 conservative members of the Texas State Board of Education) see fit, or should I just be a little bit irritated that history is continuing to be bastardized in this country, but feel no real surprise over it?  I’m yo-yoing back and forth.

It’s like the Republicans are just now realizing how many of today’s youths are growing up either liberal or moderate (at least socially), and are scared shitless by it.  So now the Texas SBOE has decided they need to change the curriculum so that the conservative party is shown in a more positive light.  To do this, they are using the term “free-enterprise system” instead of “capitalism”, because clearly changing the word magically clears away all the negative connotations that go with it;  they are highlighting the conservative resurgence of the 1980’s and 1990’s, including the Moral Majority and National Rifle Association; they are including the study of American Exceptionalism, because it’s important that we know and understand that we are better than everyone else; and they are increasing the focus on leaders of the Confederacy, because we from the South are just damn sore losers.

The SBOE doesn’t just want to add stuff.  Oh no, they are also removing…REMOVING…and reference to the US as “democratic”, and instead mandating that it be called a “constitutional republic”.   See how Democrat came out and Republic[an] went in.  That’s not even subliminal, that’s just obnoxious.  They are also leaving out any mention of the founding fathers being in favor of the separation of church and state.

Just in case Texas wasn’t being irritating enough for 50 states, Florida had to join in the conservative fun too.  The folks down in the sunshine state have taken the notion to ban certain tax credits to TV and movie productions featuring “nontraditional family values”.  Oh hey, you know what Mr. Old White Republican State Rep. Stephen Precourt, who supports this lovely bill?  Gay people don’t like you either.

I say all of the cool, chill people out there that only want a just government and a  little bit of freedom to live their lives however they see fit, so long as it doesn’t impede on the rights of their fellow man just group together and we’ll go start our own country….oh, wait…

There is plenty of  music out there today that I really enjoy.  Really.  There are some indie singers and rock bands out there right now doing some great stuff.  As far as today’s popular, played-on-the-radio music goes – It’s catchy, you can dance to it (okay, I love today’s music when I’ve been drinking), and sometimes the lyrics even make sense.  And, of course, a good majority of the singers are total eye candy, so it’s fun to watch the videos.  But where has the soul gone?  It certainly can’t be found on most radio stations.  Does anyone out there get goosebumps when they hear Justin bringing sexy back?  Anyone over the age of 16?  How about Telephone?  I love Gaga and Beyonce, but does it really make your chest tighten and pulse speed up, because you know you’re hearing something great?

I’m ever so thankful that several of the classic rock greats are still around, but more than a little depressed over the thought that people my age will never see them at their best, when music still held the promise of changing the world.  Or at least making everyone believe that it might.

Everyone thinks that those intro blog posts are boring, right?  Good, so I’m gonna just jump right in:

I am officially, completely obsessed with The Runaways movie.  And Joan Jett.  Actually, I’ve been obsessed with Joan for years, but all the movie buzz has reawakened it with a vengeance!  I mean…I have no particular style preference, I like femme girls and I like dykey girls, but does it get much hotter than this?

No.  I think not.

I’m happy to say that it appears that Kristen Stewart does a really good job as JJ and I don’t think there’s any doubt that Dakota Fanning can act, so I have very high hopes.  Did you hear that Hollywood?  Very High Hopes.

Until April 9th, when the movie goes wide-release, I can be found on any given day listening to this song or watching the video (while reminding myself that Dakota is indeed underage) over and over, ad infinitum.