I’m torn.  Should I be feeling shocked that Texas is being allowed to rewrite history as they (or at least the 10 conservative members of the Texas State Board of Education) see fit, or should I just be a little bit irritated that history is continuing to be bastardized in this country, but feel no real surprise over it?  I’m yo-yoing back and forth.

It’s like the Republicans are just now realizing how many of today’s youths are growing up either liberal or moderate (at least socially), and are scared shitless by it.  So now the Texas SBOE has decided they need to change the curriculum so that the conservative party is shown in a more positive light.  To do this, they are using the term “free-enterprise system” instead of “capitalism”, because clearly changing the word magically clears away all the negative connotations that go with it;  they are highlighting the conservative resurgence of the 1980’s and 1990’s, including the Moral Majority and National Rifle Association; they are including the study of American Exceptionalism, because it’s important that we know and understand that we are better than everyone else; and they are increasing the focus on leaders of the Confederacy, because we from the South are just damn sore losers.

The SBOE doesn’t just want to add stuff.  Oh no, they are also removing…REMOVING…and reference to the US as “democratic”, and instead mandating that it be called a “constitutional republic”.   See how Democrat came out and Republic[an] went in.  That’s not even subliminal, that’s just obnoxious.  They are also leaving out any mention of the founding fathers being in favor of the separation of church and state.

Just in case Texas wasn’t being irritating enough for 50 states, Florida had to join in the conservative fun too.  The folks down in the sunshine state have taken the notion to ban certain tax credits to TV and movie productions featuring “nontraditional family values”.  Oh hey, you know what Mr. Old White Republican State Rep. Stephen Precourt, who supports this lovely bill?  Gay people don’t like you either.

I say all of the cool, chill people out there that only want a just government and a  little bit of freedom to live their lives however they see fit, so long as it doesn’t impede on the rights of their fellow man just group together and we’ll go start our own country….oh, wait…