This post was going to be about a new web series over on Funny or Die called “Is This Awesome?”  And how totally awesome I think it is, but plans have changed my friends!

I joined Twitter over the past summer for one reason:  Allison Janney.  I adore Allison Janney.  In my head, we are married total besties.  So you can imagine the crushing disappointment I felt when the AJ that I was following on Twitter turned out to be a fake.  There was lip quivering, moping around, and lots of black clothing.

Well, thanks to her fellow West Wing alum, Josh Malina, the REAL AJ has finally joined the Twitter craze!  He even posted visual proof:

Who's better than @allisonbjanney? on Twitpic

In celebration, here’s more AJ:

Allison at the Emmys (She has 4)

Oh to be a bear...

As CJ Cregg:

Favorite Ellen visit: