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It was a fantastic weekend!  Went to Margaritas with friends on Friday, scored an adorable sweater on sale at Ganesh in Portsmouth on Saturday, and headed down to Boston on Sunday to welcome my lovely cousin back from her cruise around the Caribbean.  I hope everyone had the chance to get out and soak up some sun this weekend!

But now it’s Monday, it’s cold and it’s rainy…so I thought I’d post some things that never fail to make me laugh, because if I’m truly feeling a need for a laugh, it’s usually due to one of the three aforementioned factors.

First off, a clip from Charlie Bartlett.  It’s quite a good little movie from start to finish, but this scene is the one that had me actually laughing out loud.

Next, the video for Heaven by Brandi Carlile.  Love her, love her music, and this video just makes me smile.  I think it’s exactly what would happen if music videos and real life ever collided:

And last, I’ve never even been on Chat Roulette, but this guy makes me want to live there!


There is plenty of  music out there today that I really enjoy.  Really.  There are some indie singers and rock bands out there right now doing some great stuff.  As far as today’s popular, played-on-the-radio music goes – It’s catchy, you can dance to it (okay, I love today’s music when I’ve been drinking), and sometimes the lyrics even make sense.  And, of course, a good majority of the singers are total eye candy, so it’s fun to watch the videos.  But where has the soul gone?  It certainly can’t be found on most radio stations.  Does anyone out there get goosebumps when they hear Justin bringing sexy back?  Anyone over the age of 16?  How about Telephone?  I love Gaga and Beyonce, but does it really make your chest tighten and pulse speed up, because you know you’re hearing something great?

I’m ever so thankful that several of the classic rock greats are still around, but more than a little depressed over the thought that people my age will never see them at their best, when music still held the promise of changing the world.  Or at least making everyone believe that it might.

Everyone thinks that those intro blog posts are boring, right?  Good, so I’m gonna just jump right in:

I am officially, completely obsessed with The Runaways movie.  And Joan Jett.  Actually, I’ve been obsessed with Joan for years, but all the movie buzz has reawakened it with a vengeance!  I mean…I have no particular style preference, I like femme girls and I like dykey girls, but does it get much hotter than this?

No.  I think not.

I’m happy to say that it appears that Kristen Stewart does a really good job as JJ and I don’t think there’s any doubt that Dakota Fanning can act, so I have very high hopes.  Did you hear that Hollywood?  Very High Hopes.

Until April 9th, when the movie goes wide-release, I can be found on any given day listening to this song or watching the video (while reminding myself that Dakota is indeed underage) over and over, ad infinitum.