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I had never watched In Plain Sight before last night, and there’s only one reason I’m watching it now (maybe you can spot that reason in the clip below), but I actually really liked it.  And, luckily for me, I’m now on cable (was on Dish – DONT DO IT!  I’ve always hated satellite) and can catch up on what I was missing via On Demand.

Of course I was familiar with Mary McCormack before last night, she was on The West Wing for a short stint, but I’d never thought of her as hot before.  She’s a total bitch on In Plain Sight!  And I like it!

This is from next week’s episode, but contains the same guest star that had me tuning in this week:

Well hello, Allison Janney.  My TV has missed you!

Also, I know that probably everyone has already seen this, but seriously, LESS THAN ONE WEEK!  The excitement is too much!