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Everyone thinks that those intro blog posts are boring, right?  Good, so I’m gonna just jump right in:

I am officially, completely obsessed with The Runaways movie.  And Joan Jett.  Actually, I’ve been obsessed with Joan for years, but all the movie buzz has reawakened it with a vengeance!  I mean…I have no particular style preference, I like femme girls and I like dykey girls, but does it get much hotter than this?

No.  I think not.

I’m happy to say that it appears that Kristen Stewart does a really good job as JJ and I don’t think there’s any doubt that Dakota Fanning can act, so I have very high hopes.  Did you hear that Hollywood?  Very High Hopes.

Until April 9th, when the movie goes wide-release, I can be found on any given day listening to this song or watching the video (while reminding myself that Dakota is indeed underage) over and over, ad infinitum.